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Car Emblems and Logos that I thought were exceptional...

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30's something Plymouth 30's something Plymouth
34 Dodge 34 Dodge
30's something Plymouth 30's something DeSoto
a little road runner along the side of the car
69 Dodge DeSoto Medallion
a '38 Packard - not Mopar but still unique...
Below are a few of the interesting emblems from Spring Fling 2002

from our 2002 Mopars in the Park

HEY-What is that Roles Royce doing in here?  As close as you will ever come...

These below were found at the Towe Auto Museum, Sacramento, CA.  October 2004

an early 50's Dodge

An early 50's Dodge.

a 60's Imperial

an early 50's DeSoto

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