Robin and David Cole


The Proud Parents of 2 Fury Convertibles
and a Coronet

Robin and David are long time CCM members, and Robin is our representative for all Legislative matters.

I owned a 1969 sports fury convertible when I met my husband.  I had finished rebuilding the 383 high performance myself.  I was 23 and it took a year, but I learned a lot.  The car was very fast and he talked me into selling it before we moved to California.  I regretted it the minute I saw the car drive off.



We moved and spent 8 years looking for another one.  One day he saw a Sports Fury Convertible. A few weeks later I saw an ad for the same Fury he had seen and so we got Fury #1. 

A month later we found an ad for a 1969 Fury III Convertible. When we drove up in Fury #2 was a perfect match.



So now we have two maroon Fury Convertibles.

Having a tech gathering over the Sports Fury.


David and Robin are also the proud owners of a 1969 Dodge Coronet. 

Robin-5.jpg (28537 bytes)


Robin is so excited with the Purple People Eater,
she didn't want to wait til completion to show it off...

Taken March 2005


taken March 2005
at the Sacramento Art and Wine Festival in Aug 2005
Robin at Art and Wine
Interior at Art and Wine