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1971 Duster 340


Duster Mike on cover of Feburary 2006 magazine.


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News Flash:  Just got this from Mike: (summer 2003)

I've done some upgrades on my (Winchester) Duster, it's never done.  New stroker motor, now cubes to 416.  Ram air induction, built from an article  I saw in Mopar Muscle.  The car now does 11's @ 114 MPH. I'll try to get you some new pic's.

11.29 @ 117 mph!!!!!!!!!!!




A trophy winner in almost every show entered Mike has accumulated about a dozen so far. 

This is no trailer queen as Mike loves driving his car, and most Wednesdays he is at the track turning in the high 12's, and most Saturdays at the local hamburger joint cruise.


Plymouth Duster

2002 CCM Show Winner


In 2005 the car was entered into Autorama.  Below is the results.

Sacramento Autorama>

February 2005

Class Trophy Winner

February 6, 2005
Feb 2005


11.29 @ 117 mph!!!!!!!!!!!



Sacramento Raceway. Sat. Feb. 12The '71 416 stroker powered 340 Duster of mine, hauled my ass down the 1/4 mile in 11.29 et @ 117 mphYes, a personal best for me and the little "A" body.
Who says you can't have a car in the Autorama and then go to the track the next weekend and pound on it too. Mopars were meant to be driven and DRIVEN HARD!
At no time is the term,
"DRIVE UM LIKE YOU STOLE UM" more appropriate.  Time slip will be presented to all doubters upon request. Damn was it fun.

From the Feb 2006 Hemmings Muscle Machines:

Feb 2006 Himmings Muscle Machines.

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