John Leymaster

'65 Sport Fury


In 1999 I met a lady that had just inherited from her parents a 1962 Impala 4-dr. hardtop with 42k original miles on it and this 1965 Sport Fury with 89k original miles.  Both were in very nice condition but the Impala was showing some rust. Fortunately for me she liked the Impala and asked me to restore it for her, which I did.  She paid me with the Plymouth!

                This Plymouth had been garaged all it's life and except for thinning paint and a few dings & scratches was in great shape.

                                                I drove the car as it was for almost eight years, 318 V8, spinner hubcaps and all.

                One day I was getting ready for a cruise/show and just could not shine the paint anymore. That started a two year project and ended with what you see here.

      A little body work, new paint & seat covers along with the original door panels, headliner, carpets and dash brought it back to near new condition. Now running a 400 cu inch V8 up front

   and 3.92 gears with a Detroit Truetrac in the rear keeps me up with all the other big boy muscle cars. Even though it's an award winning show car it was built to drive and fun to drive it is.


Hell hath no Fury like a Plymouth.

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