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My name is Bruce Schrader and I joined CCM at the Day in the Park Car Show in the summer of 2000.  It all started about 20 years ago after wrecking my '70 Roadrunner (not my fault).  I started looking for a 68' Barracuda.  I found one behind a gas station in Arizona.  It had no motor or transmission but all in all it wasn't in bad shape.  I bought it and trailered it home.  About two years and $11,000 later it was ready for paint.  I came out of my apartment one morning to find that someone had stripped it. Vowing to never build another car again I sold it to a friend for $800.00.  15 years later my brother who lives in Arizona called me at home in California and tells me the guy I sold it to wanted to sell it.  I took a trip down to Arizona to check it out, it had a bright red metallic paint job and nice rims, but terrible body work!!!  Not a straight panel on it.

I bought the car back for $1400.00 and trailered it back to California. I fixed all the mechanical problems and drove it daily until about a year and a half ago. I decided to stip down the entire car and start from scratch. It was stripped to the metal and reundercoated. Everything on the car now has been either replaced or rebuilt. The bodywork was done by myself and my brother Harold, including the paint job all in my garage at home.

It now sports a 360, with Edelbrock aluminum heads which have been ported 750 HP series Holley Doublepumper, Comp Cams Camshaft and a lot more.   The tranny is a 727 torqueflite with a 3500 stall converter and full manual valve body.  It has a 8 3/4 rearend with a 3.55 sure grip posi.  The interior features a polished aluminum dash and autometer guages.  It has swivel fiberglass bucket seats and diamond tuck interior.  All the floorpans had to be fixed and carpet was replaced with a Year One carpet kit. 

Being a true Mopar fanatic I will never sell the car again.  I am just waiting to bring it to a meeting so other people who appreciate Mopars can see it.  There's not too many of these around anymore. In the future, I want to build another 70 Roadrunner, as this was the kind of car I had when I was in high school.  The vision I had for the Barracuda is finally done after 20 years - Good things come to those who wait!!


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February 2005

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