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With the exception of one Chevelle (don’t tell anybody), I’ve been a Mopar guy for about the last 20 years.  Just about the time I thought I finally had a car that I could drive for a couple of years without much down time, this Challenger came along.

I've always wanted to do a frame up restoration, but never seemed to  have the space or desire to go through all the dirty work involved in doing one.  The fun part is assembling new, clean, and shiny parts.  Before you get to that stage, you have to somehow get rid of the 30 years of grime.  That's what made this car appealing.

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While going through the withdrawal from selling that long-term project, I contacted my friend and certified Mopar enthusiast John Parent about another builder Challenger he had just acquired. While at his place checking out the Challenger, John mentioned that his son had just put his 72 ‘Cuda on e-bay and that he would stop the auction if I offered the"buy it now" price.   Needless to say, it came off e-bay, and went thru the complete metamorphosis that you see below.

original photo that was used on e-bay... the Ghostclick on the photos of "The Ghost"


69 Dodge Dart, click on photo for more pictures.


So here I am with this beautiful 'Cuda, but I just wanted something different to drive to work for the next couple of years.  Found this 69 Dart Custom and thought it would be just the thing.  Attempted putting bigger brakes on it, but the 69 had a couple of quirks that the other years didn't, so abolished that plan.   But check out the pictures.

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So here I am in Fall of 2004, got these 2 great cars, and I go see my good Mopar friend David in the Bay Area.  I am driving the '72 'Cuda over there and in his fleet of Mopars he's got this '70 Barracuda Survivor.   Only 43,000 miles.  He doesn't have a place to store or save it, but I was impressed with the little thing, and I told him so...  Well, about a week later...

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'70 Barracuda Survivor, click on photo.


So that is how the corral stands here at the end of 2004.  But come back soon, as I still have the urge to attack another early 60's Mopar, probably a Dodge.

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The Kawalski Special


who can tell me where the name came from???

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