Joe Manning     

I found this convertible in a field in Montana in 1979.  Weeds were growing over, under, around and through this car.  It was a complete basket case.  No transmission or drive train.   Parts were in a chicken coop close by.  I got it running in three weeks then the search for the correct parts started. 

I brought the car home to California in 1985, and totally rebuilt it in 1992 with the following specifications:  426 Street Wedge, with a 4 speed transmission; AM / FM radio; factory tach; bumper guards; magnum road wheels color matched to car; courtesy light package; left and right o/s mirrors; and clock.  Most options were dealer installed.

I have attempted to make the car as original as possible with the exception of the Chrysler electronic ignition and the oil and temperature gauges.


A trophy winner

65 Plymouth Satellite Convertible.  On loan to local Sacramento Dealer.

did I say it was for sale?

65 Plymouth Satellite Convertible

Joe takes home another trophy

Stopping by Mel's at Autorama 2002

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THE '70 Challenger Race Car

This project started about mid Feb 2000, when a car that I had done a number of years ago came back to me, by way of my son.   He and the owner had struck a deal, and I got to spearhead the restoration.   The car had been driven hard just like it was built to do.  This is what it looked like when I got it.

This MOPAR was driven like it was stolen

  Stripping it down to the bare bone         There is nothing else to say

The following people deserve the credit for a lot of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears:
            Joe Manning             Randy Wheeler             Dale Didoha             Bob Manning             Kent Jones
This is what we turned out in just a few weeks. 
A Beautiful Day in the Sun
Number 68 is driven by John Smith, running the Street Stock Class at Roseville, CA.

Eating up Blacktop

So much for the Heartbeat... Making the Mopar presence felt.

This '70 Challenger uses a 360 Engine with a 727 bolted on behind it, and a 8 3/4 rear end with 4:56 gears making the rear wheeels go around.           MOPAR: Move Over Power Approaching Rapidly

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