James Hardin's

72 Plymouth Duster

340 / 440       Dust 'Ya




Curious Yellow Duster with the only power option being the motor.
No power steering
No power brakes
No heater
No radio
No vinyl top

Car has:
440 out of a 1969 Dodge Charger Ported 906 Heads
Fiberglass lift-off hood Oversized Milodon Valves      in: 2.14  ex: 1.88
Rear Spoiler Racer Brown solid lift CAM     .560 lift 306 dur.
"Elephant Ears" Motor mounts Mopar M1 single plane Intake Man.
Internally Balanced Carb is an annular Discharge 830 Holley
Steel Crank Distributor is a billet MSD with curve kit
Forged TRW Pistons (10:5 to 1) Exhaust is 2" CPPA headers w/ Flowmasters
Milodon Oil System 26" Radiator and electric fans

727 TorqueFlight
3500 Stahl speed Musinger converter
Reverse Manual Valve Body
B & M shifter


Rear End:   8 3/4  (4:10 Sure-Grip)


Suspension:   Has frame connectors to handle extra torque


Performance to Date:   "I just cruise it!!!"


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