Dale Blanchard

Original owner of a 1969 Barracuda "Mod Top" Sports Coupe, purchased at South City Chrysler / Plymouth Dealer in Sacramento, CA, July 1969, for $3,353.71.  Has a 318 V8, automatic transmission, air conditioning, power steering and 96,000 miles.  Production of this model - 937.  In 1969 only the yellow floral vinyl was used.

Before purchasing this car, my wife Marianne and I also looked at Ford Mustangs and Chevrolet Chevelles.  But, the green and yellow won over as this was to be her car, naturally.  From 1969 to 1984, the car was used as a daily driver.  Then after receiving some body damage and purchase of another car, it was only driven once a week.  During this time I tried to sell the car, but I didn't want to "give" it away.  As time went by, the decision was made for me. 

In April 1994 through a mutual Mopar owner, Randy Shores, I asked if he knew if a club member would want to buy the car.  Since no one was interested, Randy suggested I go ahead and enter it in the CCM car show in June.  (Having more guts than sense, I did.) 

But miracles do happen!  I needed the floral material for the driver's seat that was worn out.  I was told that it wasn't available anymore.   I was standing by the car at the show when a couple walked up and said they had a "Mod Top" just like mine out in the parking lot.  They said they had a roll of the vinyl in the trunk!  Their 1969 was green, but it had never been finished as a Mod Top.  The happy ending to this story was that they sold the car and I got the material. 

The rest was history.  I joined CCM in August 1994.   With the help of Troy Agee, Tom Ludwig, and Neil Marran, I have completed most of the restoration on my classic "Mod Top", and have gone on to win various awards.

1969 Barracuda "Mod Top" yellow flower pattern.  Note the Mod Top Logo in the rear window.


A real trophy winner (the car, folks), matching "Mod Top" and seats


Dale's Mod Top in Sacramento Autorama 2002.
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