Art Dalby

1955 DESOTO Fireflite Coronado

Art has probably been in more magazines than anyone in the club.  And why not, his is a most rare automobile.  As a quick background, he has had the car for more than 15 year, being what he calls the second and a half owner, since the second owner only had it for a few months. 


The first magazine was the Collectible Automobile, Dated August 1988, where Art's car made the cover of the Magazine.

They were doing a post WWII history of the DeSoto, and Art's was the '55 that was featured with a full page 2 picture spread.  These are some really beautiful cars. 

If you liked them big and fancy, then you will like from '55 to '61.

Below, are the pictures that were in the magazine.


Art's '55 DeSoto was in this magazine a 2nd time in the Oct. 2001 edition when they were doing a feature story on "The Most Colorful Cars of the Fifties".  They showed all the Mopar 3 color cars.   Very nice feature for those that are into late '50's styling and beauty.


Another magazine that Art has been featured in was this one from Sept. 1992.  The name of the feature was "Tri-tone DeSoto: Sexy '55 Coronado"



These are a couple of additonal pictures that Art let me put on his page.




Art just cannot leave well enough alone.  Like the rest of us he has to get his hand onto and into something.  

Here is his latest project, a 1963 Chrysler Newport Convertible.  If he works on it like he did the DeSoto, it will be a real show stopper by the time he is finished with it. 

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