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Jim Shuck


Jim has a lot of fun, and never let it be said that he is normal,
or does it anyway but his way... A true artist.

Getting crazy at the swap meets, finding things that fit this truck, like 1972 Lincoln headlights, 1969 charger turn signals, '67 Buick chrome vents, 1986 Camaro gas lid and filler, 61 Dodge Polara taillights, rolled rear pan and rolled front pan, CHP push bar front bumper, homemade sun visor done in 50's style, and a 1950 Plymouth grille, door handles removed. An going project.....(Fall 2004)

Jim's Truck (fall 2004)
Jim's Truck (fall 2004)
Jim's Truck (fall 2004) ~ check those license plates...
Sacramento Autorama

February 2005

Feb 2005


June 2002


Jim is not happy unless he is doing something different.  In the 2 weeks since these pictures were taken, the truck has change again.  The blocks of BLACK now have black and white checkered design, and the white walls are gone.


He just likes to have fun!!!


Here is the "CUSTOM by SHUCK" Dodge.  This truck got a LOT of attention at the Hot August Nights Cruise in Reno during the 2002 show.

Some of Jim's previous projects...

1966 Plymouth Valiant

please note that this vehicle is back in the shop and you just know it will be different when it comes out... (Nov 2004)

Capital City Mopar's annual Car Show is where we found this car.  Paint was faded, multiple parking lot dings, a steel drum bounced off the driver's side roof.  It was being used to deliver newspapers and the owner knew it was on its last legs.  It was an original car ordered with the 273 V8, 4 speed, and 8 3/4 rear end.  Good Start!  But a lot of work.  What a sixteenth birthday present!  My dad told me of the car he ordered from the factory that had the same equipment.  We totally stripped the car and started rebuilding.   Body changes include: removal of side chrome molding, extending the front fenders and hood 1 1/2 inches to cover the grilles, gas funnel relocated to the trunk, rear electric antenna, interior was completely redone with Barracuda buckets.  Exterior was painted Shimmin' Blue with the hood, top, deck lid faded from blue to black metallic.   The flames were added so it wouldn't be confused with any other Valiant!!   Engine is a 286 horse V8, solid lifters, 340 cam, and Holley 650 double pumper.   We love turning heads when people see this "Mini Muscle Mopar".

Let the fun begin, says Jim, as he fixes the underside fire, Fire, FIRE!!!!
The Master at work.  Anybody want a Dodge?? Barracuda Buckets

1963 Plymouth Savoy Wagon

Jims idea of a 'parts runner'

We discovered this car at a swap meet.   Original car was a 6 cylinder, 3 on the tree, smoked a little and the clutch was bad.  But this looked like what I was looking for.  A parts runner!!  This car was your basic stripped down model (no radio or cigarette lighter), and was sold new in the nearby town of Fair Oaks.  Further investigation revealed that wooden floorboards were not original and new floorboards were the order of the day.  The idea was to build a fun car on a limited budget.  We purchased a '78 Cordoba and started the task of "parts swapping".  Motor mounts were cut from the Cordoba and welded in place (like the good ole days).  Exhaust pipes were scavengers made from old driveshafts.  With a 360 power plant in place, automatic trans, '65 Plymouth rear end with 11" Chrysler brakes, the "ole" wagon took on a new life, that keeps up with "TRAFFIC".  Challenges to race are met with a smile.  So, you want to beat a station wagon?  Or do you want everyone to know YOU lost to one?  Either way, I win!!!

Unfortunately, the vehicle got hit, and had to be towed away. 



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