Mopar Push Buttons


Bob Moore
His Field of Dreams

Bob recently joined CCM, but can already tell that he will be a member in good standing for a long time, partly since we have the same taste in the OLD vehicles.  He wants to redo the 58 Dodge which is below. 

To assist with the financing, he would like to sell this super RARE '42's Chrysler.  This might have been the last with chrome bumpers(?), and may have been a "military staff car for some famous general" . 

So folks, it's



As the saying goes, BARN FRESH...  Although it has the nick name of THE WALRUS...

Contact Bob about the very Rare vehicle



This is the '58 Dodge that Bob is excited about and looking forward to getting back on the road again.   And who could blame him?

As I say on my own car pages:

There is nothing better than Chrome, Fins, and Push Buttons...


Thanks for visiting folks,