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Mike Morrison

Always been a Mopar kind of guy.  I think I bought my latest car because I learned to drive on a push button '62 Plymouth Fury when I was a Sophmore in High School.  After the Army in the early '70's, I bought a new '72 Challenger (B5 blue).   Then came a couple of Dodge Trucks.  Then divorce.  There went the Challenger.  She sold it a few years later.  I was mostly upset because she didn't give me the first right of refusal.  When I bought my boat, the slant six in the A100 was not strong enough to pull it.  I then proceeded to go through a couple of CHP Dodge Diplomats driving up and down the freeways to see my son.  While on contract in Carson City, NV, it became evident that I needed a Jeep, so I purchased one of those.  Over 130k on it now.

I wanted a new hobby - after going to Hot August Nights - so went looking for a car.  Had to be Mopar.  The first was a 1966 Dart GT Convertible.  The only problem was, there really wasn't that much work to do on it, so I proceeded to get another.  A 1955 Dodge Lancer, that was already converted into a hot rod with a big 383 and a lot of trick stuff..   I worked on it some, and reconnected the power steering, tinkered with it a bit, raced it a bit, but mostly it was in the back of the garage.  I sold it in June of 2003.


Compression was strong, so was odor  

Got a 1970 Challenger SE in 1998, right out of the barn, with the hay and black widows still under the air cleaner.  Put my hand through the trunk floor and most of the way through the gas tank.  Pulled the 383 out of that, and sent the body to the body shop. 

This car sold in May of 2006 but the photos are still available for viewing.

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A friend's ex-wife wanted a Mopar, so I decided to help and be the broker for her.  Found a 1964 Plymouth Fury 4-door.  Got it cheap, since it had cancer on the fire wall and cowling, but the body had no dings, and perfectly straight.   Spent money to get rid of the rust, replacing the worst parts, repainted, and the usual stuff from a car that has been sitting by the side of the house for the last eight years. 
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Our daily driver, a '64 Fury
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Then one day while driving around Sacramento saw this 1958 Plymouth Savoy.  I knew if there was anything in Mopar Land that was Beautiful it was Chrome and Fins.  So just had to have it.  Sold the '66 Dart Convertible one week after purchasing this.  In the fall of 2001, I stripped it all the way down to nothing, and sent it to the Sand Blaster, and subsequently to the body shop. 

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One Sunday I was helping a friend and as I was driving down the road and over in a driveway was a 1957 Dodge Swept Side Pickup (it has fins).  I did a real quick turn and stopped in and left my card.  By the following Thursday the truck was in my driveway.  This is a real thumper, with a 325 Hemi.  I really look forward to working on that one also. 

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we'll call this the before photo

62 Plymouth

Shortly after I sold the '55 Dodge Lancer,  I came across this vehicle.  This is not the most rare car in Mopar Land, but it is not your common 64 Fury, and in 1962 most thought this Plymouth Fury down right UGLY.  Except this is the car that I learn to drive in, so...  Then a guy in the car club says he has a 392 HEMI that will look great in this car, and it is period correct.  So got the motor and had it rebuilt and now the Hemi is ready, but don't know when I will get to the car.  Already have accumulated a lot of parts, but have a few projects ahead of this one, unfortunately...

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When married to Gloria, I bought her a 72 Challenger, which was her daily driver for a while, but she wanted a convertible.  Found this Dodge Dart Convertible on E-bay and thought it would be a turn-key operation, and ready for showing upon arrival.  Well, click on the photo and see for yourself...

After the divorce I got all the cars she got the house...  I guess that's fair.    NOT...

This gorgeous car is for sale for $25K.

Dart as it looked on E-bay ~ Click to see the Dart restoration