John Leymaster

'65 Sport Fury

In 1999 I met a lady that had just inherited from her parents a 1962 Impala 4-dr. hardtop with 42k original miles on it and this 1965 Sport Fury with 89k original miles.  Both were in very nice condition but the Impala was showing some rust. Fortunately for me she liked the Impala and asked me to restore it for her, which I did.  She paid me with the Plymouth!

This Plymouth has been garaged all its life and, except for the dual exhausts I had installed, is dead original including the paint, upholstery, spinner hubcaps, skirts (which I removed) and AM radio. The car drives beautifully.  The legacy of Mopars of the 60's never ceases to amaze me.  Although my car is a 2-bbl. 318 V8 with automatic, it does put out a bit of a rumble through the Mean Streak mufflers.

I get guys in their hotshot Chevelles and Mustangs pull alongside and look at me with a big question mark on their faces. They don't know whether to pick a race or not. Usually they will decide against it not knowing what is under the hood.         I LOVE IT !

Hell hath no Fury like a Plymouth.

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