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          Gary Leymaster         

This car is a 1964 Plymouth Sport fury.  Power comes from a 426 “Street” wedge, backed up by a Mopar 4-speed manual transmission.  When stock, this car had 365 HP and 475 lbs/ft of torque; today, it is probably slightly above that because of various improvements.


I traded my ’26 Ford Model T Roadster (T-Bucket) for this car in October of 1994.  At the time, the “Bucket” was in much better shape than the Plymouth.  My wife was ready to divorce me when I made the trade, and my older boy considered looking for a new dad.  Today, of course, this has become much more of an automobile that the “T” ever will be.  My wife is beginning to come around (although she still won’t say she likes the Plymouth better than the T), and my son (who periodically drives the car) calls me “Dad” again.


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1964 Plymouth Sport Fury - 426 Street Wedge


In the summer of 2001, I broke a couple of exhaust manifold bolts in the block.  In January ’02, I decided to pull the engine, replace those bolts and paint the engine compartment.  Once the engine was out, we found other things that needed looking after, and more things, and more things and, by May of ’02, we had completely rebuilt the engine.  Everything but the crankshaft and piston rods were replaced and a few goodies were added (like Ross racing pistons and a 426 Hemi cam).

Garys 426 Wedge - After the smoke cleared.

Take a careful look at the wiring in this engine compartment.  On October 4, 2002, the main power wires shorted in the firewall and melted the wiring from the ammeter on the dash to the alternator and down to the starter.


It took a couple of months to clean up the mess and do the rewiring.  With help from some friends and some advice from a professional or two, the job was not as bad as I had thought.  In fact, I really enjoyed pulling out the old stuff that was 40 years old and replacing it with fresh, new wiring.  I wrote a little article about this adventure and put it in our club’s newsletter in the hope that my experience may help others who have “smoked a Plymouth”.


Sacramento Autorama

February 2005

Only 64 Plymouth in entire show...
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