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CAPITOL CITY MOPARS (CCM) provides a place to share your enthusiasm and knowledge about Mopars, and enjoy the company of other Mopar enthusiasts.  CCM publishes a monthly newsletter that includes articles on upcoming events, technical information, pertinent Mopar related information, and an advertising section with free ad space for members.  Various social activities are also planned throughout the year, and posted on this site.

The Capitol City Mopars meet the first Tuesday of each month at The California Automobile Museum located at 2200 Front Street Sacramento, CA 95818. Enter via the door just left of the main entrance. Meetings begin promptly at 7:00 p.m. and visitors are always welcome.  For further directions contact a club officer.

The Board of Directors meeting is open to all club members and is held on the third Tuesday of every month, beginning promptly at 7:00 p.m.  Locations may vary from year to year depending on the discretion of the sitting board, so check the monthly newsletter, or contact a club officer.

CCM membership is open to anyone interested in Chrysler Corporation or American Motors vehicles who are eighteen years or older and have a valid drivers license.  Annual membership dues are $36.00 for Regular Members and an additional $6.00 per Co-Member**.  One Co-Member is allowed for each Regular Member.  The Co-Member must reside in the same household and be eighteen years or older. All members and co-members are required to participate as workers in at least one function per year, and it is desired that, in addition, work at the annual car show.

** Spouses are not required to become Co-Members since each member is allowed one guest at every function, but only a registered Co-Member is allowed voting privileges and the option of holding an office.


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 Home Page  |    Information   |   Officers   | CCM Members     Events  | NewsLetter | Fun Facts |  Car Shows  |  For Sale